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方舟子是谁 www.6910035.com The company's main products are automotive and engineering machinery gas brake components, vacuum booster and hydraulic brake wet components more than a dozen series of more than 400 products, is China's auto parts "Double Hundred" promotion brand.

  • About Us

    Wuhu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd.

    We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and service of brake system control components for automobiles and construction machinery. Registered capital 32 million yuan, January 2014 in the "new third board" listed, short for securities: Shengli Technology; Securities Code: 430477. There are more than 322 employees. The company is located in Wuhu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 150 mu, with an annual output of 5 million automobiles and construction machinery brake components.

  • Our Advantage

    Through independent innovation, the company has achieved fruitful results. There are 58 valid patents, including 30 invention patents, 1 copyright, and 2 local standards presided over and revised. In 2014, the company won the “3rd Anhui Provincial Patent Excellence Award”. "980S" afterburner pump won the second prize of ministerial level scientific and technological progress, "STR" brake series products won the second prize of provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress; "980S", "XM60" afterburner pump, "new gas brake valve" "New internal breathing air booster pump" has been listed as a national key new product; "XM50E (60B) detachable parking brake chamber", "HFC (ZK) heavy truck new brake system

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